Natalie was amazing! Not only was she able to relieve the stress & pain in my back, but with her myofascial techniques, she helped my mobility in my arms! I’ve gone to a number of massage therapists & Natalie rates far above all of them. I will continue to see her whenever I possibly can! Being a big guy, she has the strength in her hands to get deep into the muscle! Awesome! Purely awesome! – Brian H

Natalie is truly an excellent trainer. I was stuck in a workout rut and she was able to teach me how to train effectively and achieve the goals I had set for myself for my upcoming wedding. She is the perfect combination of tough (“Natalie, you are KILLING me!”) and warm (“Erica, you are doing SO well”), all the while making each workout challenging, creative and fun. She also places a high value on correct form and goes out of her way to help anyone (non-clients included) workout with the proper techniques to avoid injury. She’s twice as awesome as any other trainer since she is also as a massage therapist, which is great after those tough workouts. I’ve been recommending her to colleagues for months and will continue to do so to anyone who asks. – Erica M

I wanted to share with you an outstanding personal trainer at the Fitness Club I belong to. Natalie is a very pleasant person and cares about her career very much. I cannot afford a trainer so I try my best to get a good workout every morning before I start my job. Natalie is very observant to the people who use the machines at the gym. Today I was doing a leg press and as Natalie was passing by, she observed that I was not doing it properly. Through her guidance, I was able to use the machine in better form therefore increasing my potential. I would recommend anyone at any fitness level can work with Natalie. – Antonia H

Natalie is positive, motivating, and her workouts are at the right level of challenge. I look forward to my workouts with Natalie because I know I’m going to laugh, I’m going to sweat, and I’m going to feel great! Natalie helped me to drop 20 pounds quite easily and helped me sculpt some nice leg and arm muscles! It’s because of her workouts I was prepared to run a half-marathon injury and pain-free. She’s a rock-star trainer. – Robin B

Natalie, I want to thank you for your skill and kindness as you helped rehab my broken ankle. The exercises that you helped me with, the stretches and focused massage all helped to decrease the amount of down time, allowing me to heal quickly. My calf muscle had atrophied and wasn’t there when you began and I am very happy to have it back now. Along with your professionalism, your attention to detail in following up on care is something from a very long time ago when doctors made house calls. I really appreciate it, thank you. – Timothy T

Natalie was great! She made me feel comfortable and gave a great massage with good info. I appreciated the fact that she was able to talk to me on a level that I not only understood but didn’t dumb things down since I used to be active in the fitness industry in the past. She def knew what was needed and gave me some good pointers. Will be going back to see her soon. – Serge V

Natalie is a miracle worker. My first ever massage was amazing. She correctly diagnosed the cause of my back pain and alleviated it. I made my next appointment on the spot. – Phil – NY

I always have a great experience. Natalie is a true professional who really knows her profession. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a massage. – Kassie B

Natalie Rammacher knows her stuff! She does a fabulous job working out tight muscles and gives really good advice for stretching exercises to help keep problem areas in check. I recommend Natalie, she is the best! – Andy B

I saw Natalie, as I routinely do for a sports massage. This time we focused on a nagging quad tightness that has been occurring during specific exercise movements only. Natalie took the time to listen to what was going on, used charts for visuals, and with her extensive knowledge was able to discover and identify the source of issue, which ironically was not near the pain area. Natalie then prescribed a course of action to alleviate and correct the issue. – Frank G

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