Massage Therapy


30 minutes $75
60 minutes $110



Each Session will be individualized — tailored to client’s specific treatment issues & needs. At the beginning of each session new clients will be asked to fill out a health & lifestyle questionnaire that will help determine what combination of techniques will best serve your treatment needs. Returning clients will be asked a few questions to ascertain any changes from previous treatments, or if they have input about how their treatment is going.

Whether you are interested in having a massage once a week, once a month or once a year, you can allow yourself to completely unwind and reap the many well-documented benefits of massage therapy at every session.


Addresses connective tissue layers with long and slow sustained pressure to the skin creating a sense of lengthening and opening.


Designed to soothe and quiet the nervous system, encouraging relaxation. It can be helpful for managing stress and anxiety. Each session has elements of this technique.


Massage addresses the deeper layers of musculature to relieve tension and to improve performance and range of motion.


Uses deep and precise pressure on points within the belly of a muscle to release muscle tension.


Is ideal for any athlete or active individual. Pre or post event, this will improve performance and support recovery.

Sessions are categorized by time only and will include a variety of treatment modalities.

If you have recently been diagnosed with an acute injury or less than 6-8 week after surgery, please consult your doctor before participating in services offered by Graceful Bodyworks.


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